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Happy Skin

Everyone has a sensitive side... featuring emollient butters, rich oils and organic goat's milk, this bar is completely fragrance and color free.

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$6.00 per 1

Created for everyone  with sensitivities or allergies to any type of fragrance or colorant, Happy Skin is just pure, beautiful, handmade soap.  Gently hydrating with shea and kokum butters plus olive and coconut oils, Happy Skin is espeically calming and healing to highly troubled skin (eczema, psoriasis, chronically dry, cracked skin, etc.) with the addition of organic goat’s milk.  Happy Skin makes your sensitive skin smile.

Ingredients:  olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, organic goat’s milk, palm oil, kokum butter, sodium hydroxide, castor bean oil, and vitamin E oil.

Soaps are sold individually as wrapped bars, or save money with our unwrapped naked-stacks of 5 or more cut bars, or save even more with a full uncut soap log (17+ bars of 1” wide soap), cut whatever size soap you’d like and enjoy!  Please note: uncut soap logs ship 7-10 days from ordering.

Wild Women Soaps are 4.5 oz. (approx.) and hand cut, please enjoy the slight variance in size and shape.

Extend the life of hand-made soap by storing in a well draining dish.  Check out our Wild Women Soap Decks!

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