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Plum Spice

A lovely fruity plum balanced with seasonal spices and a hint of red wine.

Please note: the HOLIDAY Collection soaps are available October - December in limited quantities... get them while they last!

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$6.50 per 1

Our #1 selling Holiday Soap, Plum Spice is simply to die for.  Shimmering deep plum mica layers cheer into this moisturizing shea butter soap.  Plum Spice features an original Wild Women Soaps’ scent blend of sweet dark plums, seasonal spices and a hit of robust red wine.  Plum Spice is the very best of the season in your next shower.   

Wrapped in festive holiday fabric, Wild Women’s Holiday Soaps are instant easy gifts, wonderful stocking stuffers and really… everyone loves them!  Enjoy your holidays with Plum Spice!

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, distilled water, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, castor bean oil, fragrance, vitamin E oil and natural mica.

Soaps are sold individually as wrapped bars, or save money with our unwrapped naked-stacks of 5 or more cut bars, or save even more with a full uncut soap log (17+ bars of 1” wide soap), cut whatever size soap you’d like and enjoy!  Please note: uncut soap logs ship 7-10 days from ordering.

Wild Women Soaps are 4.5 oz. (approx.) and hand cut, please enjoy the slight variance in size and shape.

Extend the life of hand-made soap by storing in a well draining dish.  Check out our Wild Women Soap Decks!

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