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Wild Women Soap is actually real soap!

Why are Wild Women Soaps better than what you can buy at the local discount store? Wild Women Soaps are actually soap, for one thing. Most of the "soap" you buy in the store isn't soap at all. It's detergent (notice phrases like "beauty bar” and "bath bar"). These are made from synthetic chemicals and low-grade petroleum oils. The few bars that are soap have the main moisturizing ingredient - glycerin - removed so the manufacturer can sell it separately at a premium price. Glycerin, a naturally occurring by-product of the soapmaking process, is a gorgeous humectant. That means it attract moisture to your skin leaving you feeling naturally soft and conditioned all day. Wild Women Soaps contain all their natural glycerin and, additionally, are enhanced with extra emollients and nutrients so they're extremely beneficial to your skin. We carefully choose the finest ingredients to ensure that your experience is wildly sensuous.

If you have never tried handmade soap, you will notice the difference within a few uses… softer skin, less irritation and dryness, more comfort all day long.  That’s the huge difference plant oils and naturally occurring glycerin make. 

Our Basic Soap Recipe...

includes our three favorite soapmaking oils: olive, coconut and palm oil. Olive oil is a skin blessing that moisturizes, conditions and soothes. Coconut oil, pressed from dried coconut meat, is also powerfully moisturizing while adding super cleansing elements and a killer lather. Palm oil gives hardness to the bars and adds to the conditioning and lathering qualitites. Additionally, each of our soaps has a unique formula featuring one or more of these wondrous plant oils and butters-- sweet almond, apricot kernel, avocado, castor bean, grapeseed, hemp seed, jojoba, kukui nut, wheatgerm, vitamin E, sesame, rose hip seed, cocoa butter, mango butter and shea butter.

Wild Women seriously love all plants, and the oils and essences derived from them are what stocks our ingredient shelves, inspires our creativity and what we bring to your skin.

Soapmaking is pure magic!

Saponification is the chemical process that occurs between oils and lye to make natural soap - we actually enjoy shouting, "SAPONIFICATION," during soapmaking - for it is an extraordinary process of chemistry intertwined with imagination and the synergy of it all is sheer passion! Right before our soap is poured into molds essential oils, extracts, botanicals, fragrance oils, herbs, exfoliants, spices, mineral pigments or micas are mixed in to give our soap the Wild Women edge.

“Our soaps are experiences, and each one has a different story to tell through color, scent, shimmer, ingredients, texture, lather, and how it dances across your skin.”  -Deborah Owens, President & Wild Muse

Each soap batch is lovingly crafted from scratch, hand-cut and cured for four weeks in our Mesa, Arizona studio. This way Wild Women Soaps are at their peak when you step into your shower.

“Can't begin to tell you how much fun I am having with your soaps. I thought maybe my initial excitement and enthusiasm would perhaps wane as is usual with anything "new" in our lives. But let me tell you ... as silly as this may sound, every time I get in the shower, not only am I truly beginning my day with an explosion of aroma and sensation and am reminded to 'celebrate the moment' as it were, but I am also immediately confronted with a most wonderful dilemma ... what soap do I want to use today? The truth: I use several of them ... yep, I have about 5 different bars lined up on their soap decks and at least two or three get prime time every morning.” – Steven, Gilbert, Az

And then there was more…

After we started with our six original soaps, our loyal and lovingly loud customers wanted more, more, more!  More products to compliment the soaps, more soap to choose from, more magical experiences with Wild Women.  As constant creatives, imaginers and experimenters, we’ve been happy to oblige.  We now offer a full line of handmade bath and body products from our simply exceptional Hand and Body Lotion, to our insanely popular bath luxuries of Soothing Salts and Bath Bombs, to our sensuously inspiring Body Oil and our desert skin cure-all Sun Dancer Healing Balm

Wild Women Soaps is an earth-friendly business. We make every effort to utilize recycled materials and re-use or recycle all packaging. We strive to operate an environmentally sound business living in harmony with the earth that brings us so much bountiful pleasure.

We source our supplies locally when available, organic when possible and always from suppliers we know are aligned with our purpose of bringing you only the finest inspired earthly pleasures.

Wild Women Soaps is a learn as we go tribe of humans, and your feedback, questions, comments and ideas are always welcome, in fact, some of our best creations have been distilled from you, our wild customers.  We love you, you’re why we’re here, why we do what we do and we keep you clearly in mind and heart while we’re making every single bar of soap, bottle of lotion or jar of bath salts.  Thank you for supporting this wild desert adventure for over 10 years!

Wild Women Soaps