Greetings from the Arizona desert!

At Wild Women Soaps, we're constantly creating! Inspired by the story of William Shakespeare writing several of his most famous works during the terrible plagues that ravaged the world in his time, we decided to stop wallowing in isolation's stupor and MAKE SOME ART. 

Wild Women Soaps is releasing 7 new soaps over 7 months, September 2020 - March 2021! And February's release is here! Meet the newest addition to our WILD Soap Collection...HOP'd UP!
Our mission... When you take a simple daily item, make it fabulous with pure ingredients and infuse it with our unique brand of wild energy and love, you transcend the simple act of a shower or bath and create a ritual of soulful cleansing and tangible pleasure.  This is our offering to you, the gift of alchemy. Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.  Thank you for shopping with Wild Women Soaps!
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